Speech-Language-Feeding Therapy

Beth Deiter, MA CCC-SLP, is an experienced speech-language pathologist whose home-based service delivery model holds a unique niche in Chicago’s northwest suburbs.  By traveling to each family’s home, she is able to provide highly-personalized therapy to children within their comfortable, natural environment and encourage the participation of their parents in the therapy process, optimizing overall success.  Her home-based service delivery model is not only extremely effective, but it is also convenient for busy families.

With over 13 years of experience working in medical, educational, and home settings (and being a parent herself), Beth sees the whole picture.  She understands how to coordinate care for children within all of these environments, and she empowers families to identify the best resources for learning, advocating, and supporting their children as they grow.

Home-Based Speech Therapy

Providing speech, language, and feeding therapy services for children within their most comfortable and functional environment

Beth Deiter, Ltd.